Makey Bakey Mice – GIVE AWAY!

Very tempted by this set!

Leann Chivers Craft Inspirations

Afternoon all

So Once again I find myself apologising for the lack of bloggery!  BUT I come bearing an olive branch in the form of a quite special giveaway!

So as you may know, I am launching a brand new collection on Friday on Create and Craft as a Pick of the Week – the Makey Bakey Mice, who are the cutest, most adorable set of little meeces you will ever see, and they all love to make and bake just like me, so they’re very close to my heart.  I always want to break out into Billy Rae Cyrus … But don’t tell the mice , the Makey Bakey Mice, I just don’t think they’d understand, and if you tell the mice the Makey Bakey Mice they may just come and pinch your stash (OK the ending may not rhyme so well, but it makes me giggle!)

The design Team…

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