New releases from Kenny K

I just love the new releases from Kenny K that are due out later this month.

Photo: Hello KennyK fans, we've got a brand new collection coming out June 23rd, and we haven't got any names for these girlz we're going to leave it in your hands and let you choose the names. Now if you want to win one or more of these cuties, then get your thinking caps on and give us your best names you can come up with for them. Each girl has a number underneath them, so what we want you to do is......... 1. Write up a blog post with your name choices for each girl or just one girl as long as you put the number for them ie 3. Rachel 2. Copy the poster to your blog post, then come to the Kenny K blog and link up your blog post with Inlinkz. KennyK and Elena will be checking out your blog with your name choices and will choose the ones they think best match the girlz. If your name/s are chosen, then you will win the girl/girlz for the winning names. This contest will run until June 21st, and the winners will be announced on the day of release JUNE 23RD. The fun starts here GOOD LUCK!!!!

I am entering the Kenny K contest to name the OMG girls –

My proposed names for them are:

1. Frannie

2. Elsa

3. Leona

4. Jules

5. Bex

Find out more about the name challenge here

Leona x x


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